Matthew Creason

Head Climbing Coach & Head Routesetter

What is your favorite part about working at Climb Iowa?

I enjoy coaching climbing so working at a climbing gym makes the most sense to enable that to happen.  Specifically Climb Iowa is a preferred gym to work at for several reasons.  One reason is that the owners of Climb Iowa constantly strive to make it the best mid-size climbing gym in the Midwest and that effect trickles down from the top to all of the employees.  Another reason I like Climb Iowa is the fact that it is in Des Moines, IA.  The people that live in this great state are down to earth and nice.

What’s your favorite quote?

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. -Albert Einstein

If you could live anywhere you want, where would it be?

I would be happy living any place there are good people.  I don’t need or require mountains, oceans or big cities to entertain me or make my life feel meaningful.  It is always nice being able to vacation to an amazing place but I also enjoy returning home where family and friends may be.  I would not like getting desensitized to the wonder of mountains and such by living around them daily.

What started you into climbing?

My older brother got me into climbing.  I went to visit him and we did it just for something to do while I was there.  I had so much fun that I looked up the local climbing gym (Ibex Climbing Gym in Kansas City, MO) where I lived as soon as I got back and then bought a membership.

Do you have any pets?

A dog named Shadow

What is your favorite kind of pizza?

It is hard to go wrong with any sort of pizza.  What is there not to like, it has bread and cheese involved.  I also love breakfast more than any other meal of the day and could eat breakfast food for any meal of the day.  So I guess I will go with Casey’s breakfast pizza as my favorite.

What other activities do you enjoy?

Besides climbing, I also enjoy playing guitar, soccer, disc golf and reading.

What is the coolest thing you have done?

Saying the coolest thing I have ever done would be the least cool thing I could do.  The best way to find the answer would be to get to know me and decide for yourself what you think is cool out of the things I have done.

Who is your favorite rock climber?

John Gill

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Climbing is dangerous.

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this Visitor Agreement must be filled out by a parent

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