Our Story

Climb Iowa opened November 12, 2008 as Iowa’s largest climbing and training facility.

The Gym was built on the foundation of becoming the country’s premiere mid-sized climbing gym and has worked steadily towards achieving that goal. Climb Iowa is home to over 700 regular members and annually more than 50,000 visitors and counting!

Our mission is to serve a variety of customers who are interested in learning about and training in the sport of rock climbing. From young to old, beginner to expert, we will strive to provide all customers with exceptional customer service and an exceptional experience.

Climb Iowa was built on these core values:

  • To have superior routes
  • To have regular members who are technically sound and knowledgeable climbers
  • To have well known and well run competitions that attract climbers and sponsors
  • To keep a well maintained gym
  • To, as a gym, be an active leader with industry practices
  • To have an excellent atmosphere
  • To be a well known resource in the community for climbing and climbing actives
  • To effectively introduce climbing to individuals who are new to the sport with a high retention rate
  • To attract, train and retain the best, most knowledgeable, customer-focused staff
  • To reinvest in the gym for continual growth within the facility

These collective values help support The Gym’s vision and mission.  As time progresses, Climb Iowa continually reinvents itself to keep up with the ever changing sport of rock climbing. However, here at The Gym, we remember our humble beginnings and never let the “bells and whistles” distract us from our passion for the sport.

– Climb On,

The Climb Iowa Staff


Climb Iowa has open climbing every day

Monday – Friday: 11am – 10pm

Saturday: 10am – 9pm

Sunday: 10am – 6pm

Phone: 515.986.2565
Email: info@climbiowa.com

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